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Monchichi Photography. A photography that provides a new and unique concepts. Monchichi Photography was launched on 20th January, 2012. Though it’s still new in photography industry but we warrant you to be satisfied with our products and services. Firstly we came out with pre-wedding and wedding documentation, but as the demand is increasing from our clients to provide more concepts thus we are ready now for maternity photos, kids & baby photos, birthday moments, family portraits, and all about life.

The philosophy of Monchichi Photography itself  taken from a puppet named monchhichhis, a small little monkey that can’t get bigger as it’s reach to adulthood. It doesn’t mean that Monchichi Photography can’t be greater and always be a small photography, but far from that is the value behind it which when Monchichi Photography reach the goals to be the best photography in Indonesia that provides the best services through our friendliness, we still not forget our past when we were just a small photography. In the other hands, we will still be friendly and still giving our best to our customers. As the tagline: Your Friendly Photography.

The uniqueness in our photography is that we are not only provide photography service, but we can also be your friend to discuss about the concept in it that you want to build in your special moments to make it more memorable.

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